The Concept

Tested Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics

Staying dry when cycling on rainy days is a major challenge. Of all means of transport, cycling poses the greatest. You need to fend off the water that is coming down from the sky, is spraying up from the road with good velocity. You are also working hard when cycling; perspiration is therefore another source of humidity. With water coming from outside and inside, you find yourseves soaked, often cold and miserable.

With this in mind, choosing the right fabrics, ones that are waterproof but that also breathe is vital. We’re constantly searching for the best fabrics that protect you from the elements without trapping your perspiration. Our products are often made of GORE-TEX®, PU nylon, Synergy and other technical fabrics depending on your needs. We keep testing the fabrics we use in the lab and on the road.






A Design Promoting Ventilation

Waterproof-breathable fabrics have their limits. To make our garments breathe better vents are strategically placed to garantee air flow while keeping you dry.






Waterproof pants only protect legs keeping your feet exposed. When cycling, because your feet are close to the road, they often are the first victims receiving continuous road splashes. Before long they will become soaked.

To keep your feet dry, we engineered our pants with integrated shoe covers. With no separation with the pants, it eliminates an important point of entry for the water. This also makes them easier to put on and off than separate shoe covers.






A Well Tailored Fit that Enhances Mobility

For a pleasant ride, a well tailored fit while pedaling is crucial. Proportions at the hips, knees are tailored specifically for cycling.






A Durable Construction

We are commited in designing garments that last. All our seams are sealed on three plys. When you are cycling, your pants are particularly stressed at the crotch. With this in mind, we’ve strengthened this area to make your pants more durable.







Your safety, especially when riding, is crucial. Whether in the city or in the country, the best tool to keep you safe is to make sure others see you.
The DeNolin pants have a charcoal black reflector in the back, thin reflective lines on either side and circular reflectors on each knee. You will therefore stay visible from far away and from all sides.


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