Devoted to Cycling

At DeNolin, our purpose is to make your bicycle trips comfortable during all four seasons.


What sets DeNolin apart are innovative solutions designed to ease your trips to work or school, for leasure or sports. For example, we don’t simply offer rain pants made of waterproof-breathable fabrics, we provide a complete solution looking at all aspects of riding a bicycle in all weather conditons and getting you to destination comfortable, dry and warm.

We believe that riding a bicycle in the rain, snow and cold can be a very pleasant experience!

Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics

Staying dry when cycling on rainy days is a major challenge. Of all means of transport, cycling poses the greatest. You need to fend off the water that is coming down from the sky, is spraying up from the road with good velocity. You are also working hard when cycling; perspiration is therefore another source of humidity. With water coming from outside and inside, you find yourseves soaked, often cold and miserable.
With this in mind, choosing the right fabrics, ones that are waterproof but that also breathe is vital. We’re constantly searching for the best fabrics that protect you from the elements without trapping your perspiration. Our products are often made of GORE-TEX®, PU nylon, Synergy and other technical fabrics depending on your needs.


We carefully test all materials in the lab in order to choose the ones that best fit each part of our products. We look at breathability, strength, waterproofness, comfort, noise and much more.

To find the optimal solutions we also test our product designs on the road in the most varied conditions. Simply making waterproof-breathable clothes doesn’t handle the challenge of cycling apparel. The solution is the symbiosis of engineering a design garanteeing freedom of movement and choosing fabrics that are waterproof, breathable and durable for particular needs the need of each part.

We’re Listening

Comments from the cyclists using our products have been extremely positive. But we’re still listening to your feedback in order to improve the products we offer and provide new solutions.

Nos produits

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